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This portfolio is outdated!

Please email about your project, and then I can send you some of my more recent work.

Hello + Welcome

Graphic + web + brand

BFA graphic design

7+ years experience

Live in Bend, OR

My name is Loren, and I design websites, graphics, and brand communications for my clients from anywhere in the world. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and over seven years experience working remotely for clients while living in different places.

Happy Hour Brewery

Sustainable Packaging System & Identity

Closed-loop packaging

Everything reused

This closed-loop packaging system evolved from a need to accommodate a very low sales volume that could naturally grow with demand, and a strong desire for real environmental responsibility. In the brewery's current stage of evolution, everything is returned and reused to cut down cost and eliminate waste. The bottles use re-sealable caps, the bottles are printed on so they always remain a Happy Hour bottle (and don't use paper), the six pack holders are made of wood or sturdy paper, and even the description tags (made from old grocery bags) are returned and reused.

Interchangeable beer tags

The specific beer tags can separate from the bottles to allow interchangeability as the brewer introduces a new batch or discontinues an old one while reusing the same bottles.

Custom logo stamp

Low-volume design

Since at this current low-volume stage silk-screening the bottles would be uneconomical, I commissioned a stamp of the identity that the brewer could personally apply on all his bottles and packaging as he needed.

Hand-crafted + Sophisticated

Time-related puns

No 'cliché' green

The identity for Happy Hour embodies a sophisticated but hand-crafted feel, while also incorporating some humorous time-related puns. The hand crafted aspect is further reinforced in these early stages as everything is actually hand-made by the brewer. I suggested that our color palette be all brown to play off the natural colors of wood, beer, glass, and paper, instead of following the 'cliche' green band wagon.

Picky Bars

Funky Healthy Snack Brand

Funky + Science

Part athletic training bar, part allergy sensitive food, part delicious snack resulted in a brand that intentionally looks funky and relatively unprofessional while showcasing the health science of the product.


These are some sticker designs I created for promoting at running and health food expos.

We are currently redesigning and rebuilding their website, but here is the temporary, quickly styled wordpress version.


"Loren is a fantastically creative talent, very hard worker, awesome communicator, self-motivated, with no ego. He would be a phenomenal addition to any creative team and will make the team stronger by talent and communication style. I can give him a direction and he runs with it, comes back with some fantastic ideas, takes feedback graciously, and brings me back something better than I originally hoped for."

— Jesse Thomas | Picky Bars co-founder

Farm to Farm Century Bike Tour

Food & Fun Bike Tour Promotions

Food fun and beauty

Tour with personality

This isn't just a bike ride. Good food and good times in a beautiful open countryside. I used organic food label typography and a jovial color palette with a full screen background image to get the message across.

Promo handout

Simple on the front and informative on the back. Whew that's a lot of sponsors in a small space.


"Wow, am I glad to have discovered Loren Polster! Working with Loren on the our event was a blessing.  He created more than just handouts and a website for our event. He created a beautifully laid out piece of art that captured our vision for our debut cycling event.  Loren's creativity (brilliant!) and consistency in each of the project’s promotional materials was nothing short of a stroke of genius.  Not only did he provide us with beautiful work, he gave us a boost of confidence in organizing our event.  Basically, without him, we would not have a successful debut."

— Jennifer Hughes | event creator

Centre Hill Cottage

Luxury Cottage Website

Quality & luxury

Justify tariff

Portray the unqiue quality experience of the cottage & thus justify the high tariff.


"When considering upgrading my website, Loren Polster was suggested as being someone who is getting a reputation for innovation, flair, and excellence. I am extremely pleased with what Loren has achieved for me, and would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone who wants a professional, yet affordable, website. Loren was great to work with and completed my on time and within budget."

Ian Blakemore | owner

Arts Obispo

Artist Directory Layout

Showcase artwork

Minimal site

I used a gray color palette, desaturated their current mark, and striped the site to it's bare minimum to give maximum focus on the artist work.


Eco-Building Identity & Website

Sustainable innovation

Mother earth respect

This company is very dedicated to a triple bottom line. I wanted to combine the contemporary nature of sustainable innovation and a tribal aesthetic to distinguish them from slick eco-design businesses.

Open House Interior Design

Transitional Designer Identity & Website

Trandition + contemporary

Openness, balance, & design

Karen Hampton is a transitional designer (traditional & contemporary) who needed an identity and website that reflected these styles. Her wordmark does just that by combining a traditional script with a contemporary sans serif. Openness, balance, and design describe the aesthetic goals of her website.

Grady-O-Grady Construction

Luxury Home Builder Website

Flawless Reputation

Stunning Work Portfolio

Identity & Site to Match

Tim Grady has a stunning portfolio of his work, and even better client testimonials. His old site and identity fell far short of communicating his quality of practice and flawless reputation (seriously, read some of his reviews). I developed his identity to fix this disparity while not striving too far away from his old wordmark. This included a redesign of his website, promoting his awesome testimonials, adding social media links, and creating a newsletter sign-up.

Thank You

Want to see more?

Thanks for viewing my 'partial' portfolio. I'm currently prepping other projects to add so check back soon or drop me a line. Cheers.